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About Bry-Air Malaysia
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About Bry-Air Malaysia


The Company

Bry-Air Malaysia plant is located in the prestigious Bangi Industrial Estate, Selangor with offices/representatives in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, China and Vietnam.

A combination of knowledge, engineering experience and manufacturing know how helps Bry-Air to let customers pinpoint their moisture control needs to improve the effectiveness of storage of products with no loss due to spoilage and deterioration.

Desiccant Rotors International . . . DRI, an ISO certified company is a global provider of components, products and systems for energy recovery, IAQ, fresh air treatment, evaporative cooling, humidification, RH control and green buildings.

DRI has a worldwide network of sales offices all over India, USA, Brazil, Europe, UAE, Turkey, Africa, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Korea and Australia.

With over 200 man-years of research and development, DRI has mastered the “art and science” of manufacturing rotors for both latent and sensible recovery as well as for dehumidification.



Pioneer Status

Bry-Air Malaysia, the only company manufacturing Dehumidifiers in Malaysia, has been granted PIONEER status by Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia (MITI).



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