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Bry-Air is the inventor of the rotary silica gel dehumidifier


Operating Principle

Bry-Air has always been in the forefront of technology and innovation through extensive R&D in moisture control, air treatment and optimisation of energy. Ongoing efforts to improve designs, layouts, machinery and production methods are integrated into the everyday work pattern. Research based development lends Bry-Air the leadership position it stands at today.

In 1964, substantial research and development activities were initiated to improve existing products and to develop new products. A unique laboratory was designed and constructed to serve two purposes:

  • To continue state-of-the-art product development in dehumidification.
  • To provide a market & sales tool to physically test application & design criteria for specific product applications.


The company’s efforts are always aligned towards the consistent improvement of designs, machinery and production processes.

Bry-Air's R&D centre is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology and is undoubtedly one of the finest in the industry. The centre is constantly engaged in state-of-the-art product development in desiccant based and fluted media technologies.

Our state-of-the-art R & D Lab is very versatile and is regularly used for the following:


R & D Lab - 2
  •  To simulate and optimize dynamic dehumidification variables for new product design and development e.g. FLi series and BPD series. 
  • To standardize/establish ideal performance curve for granular desiccant products i.e. FLi, BPD etc.
  • To standardize /establish ideal performance curve of fluted media (honeycomb) products.
  • To evaluate and certify the performance of granular desiccant.
  • To evaluate and certify the performance of desiccant (honeycomb) wheel rotor. 
  • To simulate and establish conditions for product drying at pilot scale for eventual full scale up.

Product Drying:

To simulate conditions based on different environmental parameters to validate criteria for drying or storage of any product; e.g. products like Mushroom, Grapes or Tea can be spoiled due to over drying. The optimum conditions for drying such products can be simulated and validated in the Bry-Air dry chamber.

Prototype development and bench markingg facility.

Ticking with the times

Ever since the focus of global manufacturing companies shifted towards energy conservation, Bry-Air team developed a 45% more energy-efficient dehumidifier with superior performance capabilities. This product, being one of its kinds in the market could easily outperform competition.

The recent patent (pending) for this innovation is mainly owned by Bry-Air Asia. This technology is being jointly introduced in the market place alongwith its associates, Bry-Air, USA. This is the 9th patent to the credit of the Bry-Air group.

Test Facility

Bry-Air along with its associate group company, DRI ..... Desiccant Rotors International has spent over 200 “man-years” of research in the field of rotors, to create the ideal honeycomb / fluted media and has setup a test facility to evaluate performance of EcoDry Desiccant Rotors. This Test facility is, perhaps, the best in the environment control industry today.

Desiccant testing facility:

  • To certify desiccant wheel performance.
  • To certify performance of desiccant.
  • To evaluate degradation quality of desiccant material of customers due to usage and pollutants.
  • To set criteria for vendors.


Heat and mass transfer facility:

  • For testing performance of desiccant dehumidifier core "bed" for various airflow condition.


HVAC test facility:

  • For measuring performance of desiccant dehumidifiers and it's components like heat exchangers, heat pipes as well as the entire system. 

EcoDry (Desiccant Rotors) Test Facility




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